Bonus Episodes

    • Rotten: Lawyers, Guns & Honey
      In our very first Patreon only bonus episode, we review the first episode of Rotten, entitled Lawyers, Guns & Honey. This new Netflix series got a […]
    • Rotten – Episode 4: Big Bird
      For this months’ bonus episode we are reviewing Episode 4 of Rotten, entitled Big Bird.  We weren’t super enthralled with the first episode of Rotten, but […]
      In our most recent episode we went through our top three new products at Expo West, the nation’s largest natural products trade show where many companies […]
    • Empathy
      For this months’ bonus episode, we bring you a review of Empathy, a Spanish documentary, created by a non-vegan, seeking to explore what veganism is all […]
    • H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters – Film Review
      This month’s bonus episode is a review of H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters, a film that resembles the dead mouse a cat has dropped at your […]
    • Called To Rescue film review
      We are so excited to bring you our next Patreon-exclusive bonus episode. This time we are review Called To Rescue, a documentary that features a non-graphic […]
    • Is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom An Animal Rights Film?
      For July’s bonus episode we bring you a different kind of film review as we turn our focus to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The fifth entry […]
    • How To Start A Podcast
      In this bonus episode we decided to do something completely different and pull back the curtain to talk about what it takes to start and run […]
    • Behind The Mask – Film Review
      In this month’s bonus episode we dig deep in the archives to review Behind The Mask, a 2006 documentary that explores the hidden world of the […]
    • Just Egg & Vegan 2018 Reviews
      In our latest bonus episode we give in depth reviews of the new Just Egg as well as Vegan 2018, that latest installment in the year-in-review […]
    • Is Free Birds An Animal Rights Film? + The Million Dollar Vegan
      After many requests to review children’s film, we begin with a dissection of 2013’s Free Birds, a film about time traveling turkeys on a mission to […]
    • Is Dumbo Secretly An Animal Rights Film?
      In our latest bonus episode we dissect the 2019 remake of Dumbo. We heard whisperings that it was secretly an animal rights film, to which we […]
    • Is Lil Dicky Going To Save The Earth?
      In this bonus episode we dissect Lil Dicky’s song Earth, a musical outing that includes the voices of 30 celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Rhiana, Ariana […]
    • The Bearded Vegans Ruin Adam Ruins Going Green
      In our latest bonus episode we take on Adam Ruins Everything. In a show that we typically really enjoy, we found Adam Ruins Going Green to […]
    • OLD MEN YELL AT BURGER! Cross Contamination And The Death Of Knowing Things
      Despite being on a “break” we just couldn’t stay away from talking about the most recent online uproar regarding the Impossible Whopper. Just when we thought […]
    • Andy Interviews Paul!
      To celebrate reaching our third Patreon tier, which enables us to pay for three episodes per month to be transcribed (making the podcast more accessible to […]
    • Paul Interviews Andy
      To celebrate reaching our third Patreon tier, which enables us to pay for three episodes per month to be transcribed (making the podcast more accessible to […]
    • A Tale Of Two Lawsuits
      In this patron-exclusive bonus episode we discuss two very different lawsuits and their potential effect on animals and the vegan community. First up, The Herbivorous Butcher […]
    • Will The Million Dollar Vegan Campaign Help Anyone?
      In a much requested topic, we dive deep into the Million Dollar Vegan campaign. MDV has pledged to donate one million dollars to “the veterans” if […]
    • What We Did During The Break.
      As we return from our winter break we thought it would be fun to discuss what we did during our month long hiatus. As it turns […]
    • Tiger King Review – Episodes 1 & 2
      Even though it’s only been out for three days, we’ve had multiple requests to review Tiger King, the new Netflix original series exploring the seedy underbelly […]
    • Tiger King – Final Thoughts (Episodes 3-7)
      Today we bring you part two of our Tiger King review and discussion. We both watched the entirety of the series and recorded this episode not […]
    • Biggest Little Farm review
      In our latest bonus episode we first discuss the case of a vegan meat company that has allegedly been engaging in union busting practices. We talk […]
    • The Food Bag
      As the main feed podcast has been naturally gravitating further and further from including Food Talk, we’ve still received plenty of questions related to food and […]
    • The Foodbag Returns!
      If you can listen to this, it means you’re financially supporting us here on Patreon and we don’t take that lightly, in fact, it means the […]
    • Andy’s Top 5 Vegan Films
      Hey beardos, given how many vegan or vegan-adjacent films we have reviewed over the lifetime of the podcast (about 47 by our count), we often get […]
    • Things That Brought Us Joy in 2020
      We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback every time we do a “things that brought us joy” segment so we thought it would be fun […]
    • Dumpster Fire Crypto-Scam Extravaganza!
      By popular demand we are gonna talk about this whole James Aspey crypto-scam dumpster fire situation that seems to be getting worse and shittier by the […]
    • Calling Bullshit On Penn & Teller
      You may be aware that we both love magic (illusions!) and have a particular affection for Penn & Teller, probably the most famous magician duo to […]
    • April Fools Is The Worst
      With another April Fools Day having come and gone, we’ve been subjected to another round of attempts at hilarity from businesses. In this episode we’ll posit […]