What The HECK Is Animal-Free Dairy?! + Foodbag

We’re back (baby!) with another FoodBag. In this all new version 3.0 Foodbag, we review a bunch of new vegan products we’ve tried recently, respond to some food-related listener questions, and then take a more in depth look at Perfect Day’s “Animal Free Dairy”. Touted by many as “lab grown dairy”, we’ll take a look at exactly what the heck it is, ask if it is something we would be comfortable consuming, and muse over whether there is even a need for it to exist at all.

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  • Hooray bacon strips
  • Upton’s soups – Chicken Noodle, Chick Tortilla, Italian Wedding
  • Gardein Ultimate nuggets/tenders/
  • Your Local Seitanist (Chattanooga, TN)


  • Loma Linda tuna fish
  • Rogue Rogies (Philadelphia, PA)

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