Who We Are


irst off, we almost never talk about beards. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we started The Bearded Vegans podcast with a desire to move beyond the basic Vegan 101 and create more nuanced discussions for the seasoned vegan. As we have grown since our inception, the podcast has become a place for in depth, honest, unapologetic and often uncomfortable discussions about the ethical grey areas of veganism. Through these conversations we aim to figure out how to create a stronger, more effective, and inclusive animal rights movement. We rarely reach any solid conclusions, but we have a lot of fun and share many laughs along the way.


s we've progressed it has become clear that these types of conversation appeal not just to our fellow long time vegans, but new and aspiring vegans as well. So we welcome everyone to become an honorary Beardo as we get down and dirty with some of veganism's most controversial topics. Somewhere in there we'll even squeeze in some vegan restaurant reviews for good measure. Who knows? We, sure don't!

The Voices Behind the Beards

Andy Tabar

Andy Tabar is an animal rights activist, movie theatre etiquette enthusiast, and owner of Compassion Co, an organic, USA made vegan clothing line. As an activist Andy has most notably completed three tours with the 10 Billion Lives tour, traveling to nearly every continental state and having over 10,000 one on one conversations educating college students and concert goers about the cruelty inherent in animal agriculture. Currently, Andy lives nomadically in his van as he brings Compassion Co to vegfests coast to coast all while eating at as many vegan restaurants as possible. If you see him coming through your town, please invite him to play mini golf, go to a haunted house, or participate in your game night.

Paul Steller

Professor Paul teaches math at both the high school and college level. More importantly, he is the literal most positive person on the planet. Seriously, he fronts a band called Continuous Improvement that sounds like if Andrew W.K. really liked pop-punk. When not consuming monstrous amounts of pizza or indulging his borderline obsessive love of all things buffalo flavored, Paul can be found maintaining his nerd cred playing Dungeons and Dragons all while simultaneously podcasting about it on Roll To Hit.

You can find Paul on Instagram at @Staypizzative