Dumpster Fire Crypto-Scam Extravaganza!

By popular demand we are gonna talk about this whole James Aspey crypto-scam dumpster fire situation that seems to be getting worse and shittier by the day. It seems like a lot of you have resonated with the notion that it seems like a waste of time but also it’s hard to look away. The vegan influencer version of Tiger King. So, we’re gonna talk about it. This is a messy off the cuff conversation, not our usual mapped out episode, because honestly we’ve got a lot of thoughts but we also didn’t need this whole thing to take up more of our time. So if you need somewhere to decompress from all this and laugh through the tears, this episode is for you!

THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support us here and making these bonus episodes and the podcast in general possible <3 

Here is the article we mentioned that contains a rundown of the time line – Cancelled: James Aspect Cons His Followers.