The Food Bag

As the main feed podcast has been naturally gravitating further and further from including Food Talk, we’ve still received plenty of questions related to food and we thought it’d be fun to put together a mailbag episode consisting entirely of food and food-related questions. We’ll do an extensive What We’ve Been Eating section, including our review of the new Gardein soups and Andy’s visit to Slutty Vegan. Then we’ll discuss a variety of topics ranging from light and frivolous to more weight ethical questions. Are there any foods we disagree on? What are our favorite meals to make at home? What is the next frontier in vegan food and nutrition? Should we be bothered by Beyond Meat referring to KFC as their “friends”? All that and much much more in this Patreon exclusive bonus episode. 

Thank you so much for helping to keep this podcast going five years strong!

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