Called To Rescue film review

We are so excited to bring you our next Patreon-exclusive bonus episode. This time we are review Called To Rescue, a documentary that features a non-graphic look at the lives of animals living out their lives at farmed animal sanctuaries, as well as the journeys that led them there. It’s safe to say we were both very pleasantly surprised with this film and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone and everyone, vegan or not. The film recently became available for free on YouTube and at a mere 73 minutes long, it’s easy and accessible. We recorded this one in person (a very rare occurrence) and that always makes for a more fun and loopy recording session, hope you enjoy! 

THANK YOU again for all of your amazing support! As mentioned in the episode, your monthly pledges have allowed us to purchase a new microphone and cable which can be heard on this recording. Please let us know what topics or films you’d like to see us covering on future episodes

Watch Called To Rescue for free HERE. 

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