Calling Bullshit On Penn & Teller

You may be aware that we both love magic (illusions!) and have a particular affection for Penn & Teller, probably the most famous magician duo to have permeated pop culture over the last few decades. More pertinent to the themes of the show, Penn Jillette has popped up in vegan news and even a documentary exploring plant based eating (Eating You Alive) after he adopted a plant based diet several years ago. 

So what does that have to do with today’s bonus episode? Well, several times I (Andy) have mentioned a show from P&T’s past “Bullshit”, in which they debunk and challenge popular misconceptions of topics ranging from ESP to recycling. It was in season 2, episode 1, that they turned their lens towards the animal rights movement, and PETA in particular. Suffice it to say, they were not kind to PETA (understandable) or animal rights in general (boo). 

I saw it back when the show was still on the air and I was newly vegan. Suffice it to say, I had feelings about the episode. But I also didn’t have a vegan podcast back then. So here we are, picking apart a 17 year old television episode. We’ll go through in roughly chronological order as well as muse on who exactly gets to critique PETA in good faith.  This is possibly the most niche bonus episode we’ve ever done, but boy does it feel good to finally do this one! Enjoy!

You can watch the entire episode via Hulu, or scattered clips acrosss Youtube, starting with this one. CONTENT WARNING: animal use, animal slaughter, animal consumption, Ted Nugent. It’s a rough watch.